Time and Attendance Systems

Employee time and attendance software

Increase employee productivity with accurate timesheets and attendance data.

Capture accurate data with time tracking software

Take charge of employee productivity and capture accurate attendance data with the time and attendance software. Manufacturer’s have produced units that are supported by biometric facial verification and geo-location data, this powerful feature provides full visibility over actual hours worked and synchronises automatically with payroll.

Manage labour costs with time and attendance

Depending on the kind of advanced equipment you implement, you can use automated time tracking software that will help manage labour costs, prevent time theft and improve workforce productivity. By accurately tracking time and attendance data, Time Attandance Systems ensures staff are paid in line with actual hours worked, and helps managers identify where processes need to be improved.

Prevent time theft and buddy-punching

Many Robust biometric facial verification technology helps eliminate time theft securely and reliably. It uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to help ensure the correct employee is clocking in and out of their shift – and will automatically notify managers in case of a non-match.


Discover seamless workforce management system in Time Attendance Systems

Key time and attendance software functionality

  • Clock in and out via a kiosk in a common area
  • Mobile clock-in with geo-location (optional)
  • Live employee attendance feed
  • Built-in rounding rules and grace periods
  • Real-time labour costing to help manage overtime
  • Compliance checks and measures
  • All-in-one time clocking and payroll system.

Key T&A software benefits

  • Improve productivity across your workforce
  • Capture accurate clocking and overtime data
  • Monitor absenteeism, lateness and no-shows
  • Generate timesheets automatically
  • Eliminate manual calculations and data entry
  • Automatically apply complex pay rules
  • Send attendance data seamlessly to payroll.